Jay Leno

Born: April 28, 1950, New York, US | Successful For: Comedian, Talk Show Host | Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Jay Leno success story

3 Lessons To Learn From Jay Leno’s Biography:

Jay Leno Was Authentic And Contributed To The World:

Jay leno is genuine and expresses himself wholeheartedly in what he enjoys and the things that matter to him. As the host of the Tonight Show, he gained success creating witty comedy bits about everyday life mixed with American pop culture. His unique characteristics have given him iconic fame amongst western society, he is known for his extra-large chin and quirky laugh. Leno has been happily married since 1980 and enjoys working on his massive car collection (which includes an array of vintage, classic and super cars with over 100 cars and counting!) Jay Leno is also firm in having good ethics in his personal life as he is not a gambler, drinker, nor smoker.

Leno’s not only known for making people laugh, but also believes strongly in giving back as he has donated to many charities including giving $100,000 alongside his wife to the Feminist Majority’s campaign in Afghanistan. He was also the Grand Marshall for a motorcycle ride fro charity producing over 14 million.  It is obvious to see that Leno does his late night shows because enjoys them and not for the money; he states in an interview with USA Today, that he never spends the money he makes from his late night show, but lives off the money he makes from his stand-up comedy, and gives the majority of his money away.

Jay Leno Tweaked His Weaknesses And Pursued His Strengths:

Jay Leno is dyslexic yet never listened to any naysayers. He initially had challenges with completing his homework but with the help of his mother and certain teachers, he was able to progress. He also displayed a knack for pranks and continuously pursued his natural talents of telling short stories and practical jokes. His 5th grade teacher actually commented on his report card saying “If Jay spent as much time studying as he does trying to be a comedian, he’d be a big star.” And when he was told by his high school guidance counselor that he should drop out of school because he wouldn’t get far, he didn’t take it to heart. In fact, it drove him to improve his studies and eventually get admitted to university where he earned a bachelor’s degree in speech therapy!

His mother had very little schooling and as a result prized her children’s successes which compelled Leno to dream of bigger and better things and pursued them. During his college years, Jay would perform at local comedy clubs, and even emcee for talent shows for extra money. Leno never took his current circumstance into account. He was born into a middle income family with no ties to Hollywood or the entertainment industry, but he didn’t let that stop him from starting his own comedy club and becoming a very successful comedian.

Jay Leno Obtained A Strong Work Ethic:

“I’m a great believer in low self-esteem.  So consequently, if you don’t think you’re the smartest person in the room and you think you’re going to have to work a little harder, and put a little more time into it, to get what everybody else does, you can actually do quite well.  And that’s been my approach.” Upon graduating, Jay leno moved to Los Angeles, and got a job writing for the TV show Good Times. At the same time, Leno worked as the warm-up act for singers Johnny Mathis and Tom Jones.

In the mid-80s, he finally got his big chance to host his first comedy special on TV, titled Jay Leno and the American Dream. Coincidentally, he made numerous appearances on late-night TV around the same time; particularly Late Night Show with David Letterman. That same year, Leno signed a deal with NBC that made him one of two permanent hosts on The Tonight Show. He claims If I have one advantage, it’s that I will try to work harder than the next guy.And he did just that, beating competitor David Letterman. Shortly after that, he became the only guest host as Johnny Carson would officially retire allowing for NBC to hire Jay Leno as the face of The Tonight Show. Today, Jay is best known for being one of the busiest performers in comedy as he is always booked for more than 300 appearances annually. Being the go-getter he is, he apparently claims to only needing 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night.


Jay Leno inspirational quote

“I had wonderful teachers. I would not be in show business without them. I remember Mrs. Hawke, my English teacher, who said to me, ‘You know, you’re always telling jokes in the hall, why don’t you write some of those stories down and maybe you can tell them to the class?’ It would have never occurred to me to do that, because that just seemed like homework.  And for the first time in my life, homework was actually enjoyable.”

– Quote By Jay Leno


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