15 Things To Be Grateful For Right NOW!

be happy

Most people have a tough time being grateful, in fact it’s why everyone is not “ALWAYS” happy all of the time. If Gratitude was easy, and simple, we’d all be happy, however, our minds are design to seek out problems so that we can either fix them (if they already exist), prepare for them (if they might occur) which leads to fear, or ponder on a problem (that already had occurred) which leads to worry that it may reoccur. When our mind is busy doing this stuff, it’s easy to take the simplest things for granted, such as the fact that you don’t literally have to make your heart beat, or force yourself to breathe, we’re designed to do this subconsciously, which is pretty miraculous.

Here is a very simple, and very particular list that a major majority of us take for granted far too often, and should be extremely grateful for. This is a bare necessity list, most of them are needs, that if we didn’t even have them, we’d be dead. It’s easy to be grateful for that new Xbox One, or Diamond Earrings, but if you ca be grateful for these simple things, the rest of the world is just the icing on the cake. Try to actually ponder on each thing in the list, imagine the person/thing/situation, the list has no power if you can not use your imagination. This is why the gratitude list is so particular:

  1. Your Family & Loved Ones

  2. New Relationships That You’ve Encountered This Year

  3. Shelter Protecting You & Your Family Right Now

  4. Eyes To Be Seeing This, The Gift of Sight

  5. Education To Be Able To Even Read (26% of the world is illiterate)

  6. Freedom Of Mind (The ability to think as you choose)

  7. The Electricity Currently Powering Your Computer/Smartphone

  8. Where You Come From (even if your upbringing was horrible, it has made you who you are today)

  9. The Creativity That Exists Within The World

  10. The Beauty of Nature That Exists All Around You

  11. The Clothes You Have On Keeping You Warm

  12. The Food You’re Fortunate Enough To Eat Today

  13. Water You Can Freely Drink To Keep You Hydrated

  14. Your Smile (Life wouldn’t be the same if you couldn’t smile)

  15. The Fact That You’re ALIVE!!! (You’ve actually made it this far, don’t take it for granted)




Image Source: The Delicious Life via CC License