George Lucas Inspirational Speech (Passion And Joy)


George Lucas, the creator of possibly the movie series in history, Star Wars, touches base on what he believes led him to his dreams, and what he believes makes people happy.

George Lucas on How He Became Successful:

Everything I did, I was following something I loved, that I enjoyed my path, and that led to my passion. I kept following my passion, whether it was art,whether it was anthropology, or cars, and eventually it led to my real passion, my huge passion.

I think it’s very important not to do what your peers think, not to do what your parents think, or teachers, but to do what’s inside you.


George Lucas on Happiness:

Happiness is pleasure, and happiness is joy. Pleasure, is short lived, and it peaks very high, but the next time you want to get that same peak you have to do it twice as much. On the other hand is Joy, and joy is a thing that doesn’t go as high as joy, but it stays with you, joy is something you can recall, pleasure you can’t. The secret is, that even though it’s not as intense as pleasure, joy will last a lot longer.

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