Akio Morita (Sony): Never Give Up

Akio Morita sony success story


Akio Morita was the man in charge of creating one of the most innovative companies of all time, Sony. However, it was not all smooth sailing, and he had his heeds of failure like many visionaries before and after him.

He initially began his entrepreneurial journey by creating a rice cooker that would actually burn the rice. This first so-called invention actually only sold under 100 units and the company folded immediately. This first major setback didn’t stop him, in fact it fuelled motivation and gave him some big lessons on the business world and it’s many challenges. Many would give up with a flop like this, however, Morita kept his enthusiasm very alive and he kept trying, this time more calculated and creative. Eventually he would build the multi-billion dollar Sony empire…




“Curiosity is the key to creativity.”  – Akio Morita




#MoralOfTheStory: Keep going, and don’t give up! If at first you don’t succeed, get up and try again…



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