Sir Richard Branson

Born: July 18, 1950, London, UK | Successful For: Cofounder of Virgin Group | Zodiac Sign: Cancer

3 Key Lessons From Richard Branson’s Success Story:


Richard Branson Had A Positive Perspective Which Led To An Abundant Lifestyle:

Sir Richard Branson possesses an ability which many people strive for, the ability to see life in a super positive perspective. In an interview when asked, “do you ever get angry?” He answered that he doesn’t recall EVER being angry in his life. An attitude like this is what made Richard Branson a one of a kind success who so many people around the globe admire. In another interview, when asked if he cries much, Sir Richard Branson proudly said that he’s cried more of joy then of sad events in his life, having such a grateful attitude has allowed him to attract an abundant lifestyle. In fact, Branson is so positive that even though he has dyslexia, it didn’t faze him in building an empire!


Richard Branson Turned Problems Into Profits:

Richard Branson profits from his problems, when he sees something that could be better, he doesn’t complain about it, but rather sees it as an opportunity to fix and sell for a profit. Richard’s company Virgin Airways was invented, solely based on the fact that he didn’t like how other airlines treated their guests. Also, when he created his first small business, a student magazine in high school, he built it because kids didn’t have a place to express themselves. After the success of his first issue of “Student”, the headmaster wrote a note saying “Congratulations, Branson. I predict you will either go to prison or become a millionaire.” Last of all, when Branson created Virgin Records, it was because he didn’t like what was played on the radio.



He developed the trait of being an independent man which largely contributed to his entrepreneurial mindset. W driving home one day when Branson was just four years old, his mother made him get out of the car, miles before getting to their grandparents house and made young Richard find his way there. Branson got lost, but it was a lesson he would never forget. This skill benefited Branson in the business world because he has a strong sense of faith and trust in his own instinct on every business idea he comes across. Even though he’s created over a hundred businesses and many have failed, he knows he can depend on himself to push passed the failures. Richard Branson has attempted to break (and has successfully broken ) many world records, all of which have nothing to do with business; such records include taking a hot-air balloon across the Atlantic Ocean, and putting a round of mini-golf in the dark. Fearlessness, a must for conquering dreams.


“Follow your passion in a way that serves the world and you.” Quote by Richard Branson




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