Natalie Portman

Born: June 9, 1981, Jerusalem | Successful For: Actress, Producer | Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Natalie Portman success story

3 Reasons That Made Natalie Portman Successful:

Natalie Portman Flowed With Her Intuitive Soul And Did/Does What Makes Her Happy:

Natalie Portman has an adapt ability to obey her heart’s desires, and she’s been learning how to trust the clues since she was young. Initially, she began dancing at age 4 and fell in love with ballet. She still takes ballet classes today and is also trained in Jazz and tap dancing too.

When I was 7 years old, I put on shows for everyone at my grandpa’s funeral. I was always the little entertainer.” When she turned 10, she was approached by a Revlon agent who asked her if she was interested in modelling to which she turned down due to her attraction to acting. The agent actually introduced her then to an acting agent. “I’ve always loved entertaining people and putting on shows at home”. Her interest for performing was growing with each experience. She would spend a few summers at an expensive performing arts camp and then attended Usdan Theatre Camp where she acted in many plays. Her success would eventually arrive and her intuitive senses were growing immensely. She would soon take a 4 year break from acting to attend university. Natalie Portman openly admitted in an interview that when she’s older, she aspires to become a doctor and she also states I love acting, but I don’t know if there’s something out there that I love more. That’s what college is going to be about for me – checking things out.”

She is a pure gut follower and only pursues her deepest urges. She’s very close to her parents, is a big fan of pro wrestling, she shelters dogs, is an avid diver, and partakes in karaoke regularly to let loose. Having followed her passions, she was able to accumulate a lot more wealth and follow further privileges of starting her own production company and is also a spokeswoman for FINCA – a company that lends money to women to start businesses in third world countries. Natalie Portman is a strong example of ‘following her instincts’ and she takes pride in it too, as she once stated “I also feel I’m a positive role model by not putting my education on hold.” as she abundantly believes “I want to use college to explore what other careers I might be interested in.”.

She Was True To Who She Was And She Was Aligned With What She Believed: 

A very authentic individual, Natalie Portman is bold and not afraid to stand strong and be vocal about what she believes in. She left her Hollywood lifestyle and put her acting days on pause in order to get her education at Harvard and was bold in facing opposing questions, I’m going to college. I don’t care if it ruined my career. I’d rather be smart than a movie star.” Natalie Portman is vegetarian who became a vegan for a period of time, does not smoke, drink or do drugs. She is a proud role model for girls and she only chooses positive roles.

She has turned down several roles when they don’t align with her values. She declined a nude scene in the movie Anywhere But Here which prompted Susan Sarandon to exit which further caused the script to be rewritten without nudity – Portman accepted. She also turned down the part for Lolita because she didn’t want to expose younger actors and actresses to sex in films. She claims It’s horrible to be a sex object at any age, but at least when you’re an adult you can make the decision if you want to degrade yourself.” Even when it comes to directors or producers, Natalie Portman is not one to step aside; she apparently claims to have spoken up when she’s not treated right, unlike other actors.

Natalie Portman Made Sacrifices And Was Committed To Being The Best Form Of Herself:

Ever since she was a child, Natalie remembers I was definitely different from the other kids… I was more ambitious. I knew what I liked and what I wanted, and I worked really hard. I was a very serious kid.” She also had very encouraging parents,  “They have made it quite clear that they believe I can be great. Had my parents expected less of me, I would not be the person I am now. And I am very happy with myself.” Nothing changed as she would grow into adolescents; she had to miss the premiere of Star Wars: Episode 1 to study for her final exam in high school. Natalie Portman shows a ton of dedication to always improving herself – everything from becoming Valedictorian, going to top arts and theatre schools to graduating with an A.B. degree in psychology at Harvard. She enjoys learning, and has studied languages such as French, Japanese, German and Arabic.

When it comes to her acting, she always gives it her all; she learned the piano and how to conduct for her character in Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, she shaved her head and learned to speak with an English accent for V for Vendetta. When she acted as Anne Frank on Broadway, she was known for breaking down and crying because she had relatives who died in the Holocaust.  She was often critiqued for her childish voice, and got a vocal coach to sound more adult like. However, in her role for Black Swan, she was required to produce the child-like voice she once had, and claims it as a very tough place as she worked extremely hard to overcome it initially, but she battled excellently and won an Oscar for it too!

Natalie Portman success story

“Obviously it’s much easier to say that you’re going to follow your passions when you’re financially secure, but at least we can take solace in the fact that we now have the time to pursue the things that we really want to pursue because now the option of doing things just for the money isn’t necessarily there.”

– Quote by Natalie Portman



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