Simon Cowell Is A Go-Giver!

As obnoxious as Simon Cowell may seem, he actually has a soft, humble side that most people do not know about.

The music tycoon was one of United Kingdom’s top charity donors coming in at number 165, as he makes the annual Giving List for the first time. He apparently gave away $1.6 million pounds over the course of just one year which ranks him very high among celebrities. His generosity leads him to more success, and it always has. He has a whopping net worth of nearly half a billion and Simon Cowell has been a well-known philanthropist for some time now as his accumulated wealth is a result of his abundant and selfless nature.

Simon Cowell has made some serious donations and in large sums.  The media mogul gave nearly $150,000 to the Israeli Defense Forces, funded $25,000 fo Manchester Dogs and is involved with Against Breast Cancer and The Katie Piper Foundation. With his influential power, he set up his own charity event called Help For Haiti, bringing in huge artists, as they together raised over a million. And as much “money” as he gives, he also actively involves himself.

He once paid off the entire mortgage of the parents of a cancer-stricken girl. Simon stated on the Oprah Show that “The money for me is not the important part; I said to the parents, “It doesn’t stop there. If there are any problems, I’m her guardian angel now. I never knew that doing good could feel so good.”


#MoralOfTheStory: Give, give, and keep giving, it is not only a key to success but the most important ingredient for happiness. The law of reciprocation will always compensate.  


“I’m going to give all my money away, eventually. I don’t believe in all this hand-down stuff. Even if I had kids, I don’t think I’d want to give them everything.” 



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