5 Things That Prove Money Mayweather’s Success Mentality

Many call Floyd Mayweather “arrogant,” “cocky,” and various other cunning negative traits to describe the undefeated boxer, one can easily argue a better title for this article is “5 Cocky Things That Prove Money Mayweather’s Success Mentality”. However, regardless of some of the negative behavior he’s displayed in and out of the ring, one thing is forsure, Mayweather has confidence, self-worth, and a “winning” mentality even if it comes at the cost of having a high ego. Here are 5 things that Mayweather did/does that keep his mentality subconsciously set to win:


1) Floyd Mayweather Says “Nope” To Opponents:

As cocky as this may look, and sound on the outside, there’s a lot that goes on here. When Floyd Mayweather “taunted” Manny Pacquiao at the big fight saying “nope” while blocking, he wasn’t only getting under Pacquiao’s skin, he was also bringing down Pacquiao’s confidence and raising his own confidence. Almost like an affirmation, affirming that Pacquiao won’t get his punches through, this sneaky, sly move kept his mentality on the ring set to win.


2) Floyd Mayweather Celebrates A Win Before Winning:

Although this can come off as arrogant and distasteful, Mayweather celebrating a victory before being called victorious by the judges after a match, is almost like he’s already expected to win. He’s made it such a dominant thought that losing doesn’t exist, it’s just “winning” that’s it (no Charlie Sheen pun intended). It’s a fake it to make it mentality.


3) Floyd Mayweather Poses “Number 1” At Weigh-Ins

Posing number one in his fights, similar to celebrating a win before actually winning, is a confidence and self-worth tactic that Mayweather is not afraid to show the world that he will be number one, regardless of what anyone else thinks.


4) Floyd Mayweather Sleeps With Money, Literally

Floyd Mayweather has been caught in the press various times flaunting his money, even sleeping with his money, subconsciously he’s setting himself up to attract money. It’s like a of keeping your mind focused on the big bucks, at a subconscious level (remember the subconscious takes in everything around you, whether you’re aware of it or not, and habits, beliefs, intuition, and values are built at the subconscious level).


5) Floyd Mayweather Actually Believes He’s The Greatest

As subjective as “the greatest” is (especially when compared to boxers like Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray, and Muhammad Ali), it doesn’t really matter, Mayweather believes he’s the greatest, and he constantly perceives his reality based on those beliefs, hence his record of being undefeated. Remember, habits are at the subconscious level, motivated often by beliefs, if Mayweather believes he’s the greatest, he will react in such a way to win, even if say, he needs to play an extremely defensive game to do so.



“I am the best. There is nobody better than me.” – Floyd Mayweather



These are some of the subtle cues that allow us to peak into the mind of Floyd Mayweather, what beliefs set him up for success, and doesn’t take into account his years of training.