Kate Winslet

Born: October 5, 1975, Reading, United Kingdom | Successful For: Actress | Zodiac Sign: Libra

Kate Winslet success

Inner Keys to Success:

  • NEVER MIND THE HATERS, JUST BE YOU: Kate Winslet is extremely confident in herself. She was bullied as a child, often nicknamed “blubber”, and was further magnified in Hollywood for not having the stereotypical look; however Kate never let the critics get to her. She clearly knew that if she let them bring her down, then they would be successful in their attempts, but instead she was the one who became victorious by never letting anything take her off course in her road to success.
  • HAVE THE WINNING MINDSET: Winslet once stated “I was a wayward child, very passionate and very determined. If I made up my mind to do something, there was no stopping me.” She was always very eager to make things happen, clearly it’s paid off with her many big Oscar Award’s. Kate Winslet has that winning formula.
  • CONFIDENCE IS QUEEN: Kate has a strong self-esteem and is very comfortable in her own skin. She has appeared nude in films (regardless of not having the typical body) and her fans have and will always love her for her strong self-worth. She even claims “There’s not an awful lot that embarrasses me. I’m the kind of actress who absolutely believes in exposing herself.” Many other female celebrities like Halle Berry even boast they wish they could be more open and free like her.

kate winslet inspiration

“Life is short, and it is here to be lived.” – Kate Winslet

Little Known Success Fact:

Kate Winslet flew back home to Bristol on June 23, 2006 from the set of her movie to officially open a new unit for sick children at Southmead Hospital. She also had a portrait of her butt auctioned off to support the paint4poverty charity, which is aimed to help extreme poverty across the world.

  “I hope I’m always learning something.”

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