5 Limiting Beliefs About Money

Money Mentality

Making money is about taking action, it’s about making the right choices when the time is right, it’s about being able to take risks, knowing when to buy and when to sell, and as a matter of fact this list could go on for a very long time. The truth is it does require many if not most of those prerequisites; however it really comes down to the inner mindset that determines your blueprint to making money. Doing what you love will immensely increase your likelihood of creating an abundance of wealth too, but even that is extremely difficult to figure out when your mind is not tamed to work for you. It’s all about adjusting or full out changing the limiting beliefs about money that we have hardwired in us that will make us think, act, feel and ultimately attract more wealth and success. Let’s take a look at the most common dis-empowering subconscious beliefs about money that hinder the majority from creating more of the green stuff.


1. Money Is Evil.

This never allows people to progress forward or to create financial freedom, and why would it. Your beliefs are in direct reflection with the outer world. If you consider money to be evil, you’re resisting any chance of having it in your life. There is very little truth to the saying; however it is such a common expression. This very attitude makes people resent money and oppose trying to earn it in the fear that we will become greedy. Let’s clear something up, the greed for money and the power we wish to attain from it can definitely be negative and unhealthy. But being greedy is something that you are, not something money makes you. Money only makes you more of what you already are! For example, if your naturally happy, you will be even happier when you become rich. If you are greedy than you will become even greedier.  A happy guy does not become greedy when he gets rich.


2. You Have To Work Hard For Money.

Everything in life is perspective. And your reality is a reflection, always proving what you perceive. Therefore if your inner belief or perspective is that “you have to work hard to accumulate wealth”, then you will justify it regularly by proving to yourself that money is hard work. Have you ever noticed your mind say “see it is true, it is hard” after you had the experience. What I’m trying to say here is that you only had that experience because in a way you searched for that experience and your mind searches to prove your every belief. Choose better beliefs and perspectives! A better belief would be “money comes easily and frequently”.


3. Money Is Scarce And There Is Never Enough.

Money is only scarce for those who think it’s scarce, and for those who believe there is an abundance of wealth and more than enough to go around, well there always seems to be. People with scarce mindsets tend to think there are only a few good people in the world and they trust almost nothing that comes their way. This is a pessimistic view and a limiting belief about money that limits people from being achievers, instead why not alter your angle of the way you see the world and focus on the fact that there is so much to go around and the world has opportunity to offer.


4.  Money Isn’t Really That Important. 

Those who believe this only do so because they probably have none, hence they will say “money isn’t that important”. Well look at it this way, how would you feed, clothe and shelter yourself without it? Important? I like to think so. This limiting belief about money will retract you very far away from achieving more success.


5.  Money Can’t Buy You Happiness.

This is a tricky one. Its very common and it feels a little bit true at times. But its completely wrong and limiting us from success. Money and happiness are two completely different things. You should want both. Why do we humans always think we have to choose this or that. The answer can be both! You don’t pick between brushing your teeth and taking a shower every morning, do you?  You just understand that both are equally important. The same applies for money and happiness. Money is not “supposed” to buy happiness.