15 Inspirational Videos Young Entrepreneurs Must Watch

steve jobs with computer

Young Entrepreneur often lack motivation, and watching a quick inspirational video is sometimes exactly what is needed to keep you moving towards your dream. Sure, these feelings may not “last forever” but sometimes, with the right video, a person may get an “ah-ha” moment that influences long-lasting change. An entrepreneur needs to have the ability to be self-motivated, but also the ability to lead and inspire others to help turn his/her vision to reality. Watching those who have “been there, and done it” can create a powerful push in the right direction. Here are 15 inspirational videos for young entrepreneurs: (Click the headers to check out the video)

Jack Ma’s (Owner of Alibaba Group) Original 1999 Speech:

Jack Ma is now a billionaire who had one of the highest IPO’s when releasing ali baba to the public via the stock market, but he first started in a small apartment with a tiny team. In this video you’ll see Jack Ma’s aggressive, yet encouraging speech of motivating his team to “work harder than any of the competition.”


Howard Schultz – “I Dreamed Big Dreams” Speech:

In this speech, Howard Schultz, the owner of Starbucks and the one credited for taking a small Seattle coffee shop into the biggest coffee chain in the world, says he feels so strongly that the ONLY reason he is so successful is because he dreamed BIG dreams. The type of dreams other people thought were crazy.


Nick Woodman’s GoPro Inspiration (Do What You’re Passionate About):

Nick Woodman, the man behind GoPro, a product that made him billions talks about how he blended his passion of surfing into a business model. For any major entrepreneurial success, passion is always a part of the process.


Tony Robbins Tells The Rocky Story:

In this video (which isn’t really a video but an audio), Tony Robbins tells the immensely influential story of Sylvester “Sly” Stallone and how he broke down the doors of adversity to become a legend in Hollywood and create the cinematic classic, Rocky. The story explains how Stallone was at one point broke, almost homeless, stuck to his standards and did whatever it took to make his dream a reality.


Robert Herjavec Be Happy BEFORE The Money:

Most famously known for being on Shark Tank, Robert Herjavic made his hundreds of millions via the software industry creating a a security solutions integrator, says 2 main pieces of advice, never complain, even in the worst of situations, and learn to be happy with literally nothing. Find a way to be happy in spite of having any success at all, and success will surely come.


Richard John TED Talks Success in 8 Words:

After researching successful people for years, Richard John has come to the conclusion that success can be broken down into a measly 8 words. We won’t give it all away, but these include passion, focus, ideas, and persistence.


Magic Johnson: You Have To Dream It BEFORE You Become It:

Magic Johnson before fortune and fame used to dream of BOTH being an NBA superstar, as well as being a business man. When working for a company cleaning offices, he’d pretend he was the CEO, and now, after he’s retired from the NBA he’s been able to flourish in the business world.


Steve Jobs: You Have To Have A Lot of Passion For What You Do:

Steve Jobs says that passion is a necessary prerequisite for accomplishing fortunes in the business world because you have to be willing to go through the struggles, the hard times, and still do great work which requires major passion. Here’s a list of 22 quotes that prove passion equals success.


Oprah Winfrey On Really Believing Yourself:

Oprah Winfrey brings a spiritual side to success and states you have to believe in yourself more than anyone else, you have to have a knowing-ness, without thinking it will happen in the future. You have to act as if you already have what you want.


Jay Z On Doing What’s True To You And Following Gut Instinct:

Although Jay Z has a hustler mentality, he still stays true to he is as a person. He states most of his business ventures, including his music is an extension of who he is. In a sense, he’s his own inspiration.


Warren Buffett: Find Your Passion:

In this inspirational video, Warren Buffett states that to love what you do, and “tap-dance to work” like he does, you have to find work that you love. Buffett LOVES playing with the stock market.


Bill Gates Harvard Speech:

Bill Gates gives insight on the humble beginnings of Microsoft in the motivational Harvard University speech. He states he literally worked day an night to create a software program that a company was expecting to see in a month! He had an act now, fix later mentality.


John Paul DeJoria (Founder of Patron Tequila, and Paul Mitchell Hair Products), 2 Keys to Success:

John Paul DeJoria believe it or not, went from homeless to billionaire. He credits his success to 2 main key traits, being prepared for rejection, and doing what average people won’t (or are afraid) to do.


Sir Richard Branson’s Entrepreneurial Advice:

Richard Branson touches on the importance of getting past failure, delegation and relationships. Richard Branson is big on relationships building a business, he believes that customers should not be treated as “customers” but instead people must focus on relationship building, he believes in the same for his employees and has even stated in a different interview he rarely ever fires anyone.


Steve Jobs “Here’s To The Crazy Ones”:

This is possibly our all-time favorite video, and no, it’s not a speech, or an interview, but a commercial where Steve Jobs lays it out flat; “Entrepreneurs are non-conformists.” They are the ones that dare dream the impossible, they were the rebels, and the ones people judged as being a bit “Different.” They weren’t afraid to go against the status quo.