Alicia Keys

Born: January 25, 1981, New York, US | Successful For: Musician | Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Alicia Keys Story of Greatness

Inner Keys to Success:

  • INDULGE IN YOUR PASSIONS AND LISTEN TO YOUR GUT FEELING, IT KNOWS BEST. Alicia Keys began piano lessons at the young age of 7, the piano was something that always felt right for Alicia so she played it despite what was “popular” or not. Alicia Keys had a keen sense for trusting her intuitive feelings. She said in an interview “But when I first fell in love with the piano, I knew it was me. I was dying to play.” She is the perfect example of how when you follow your instincts you will not only become successful, but you will also be truly fulfilled from within.
  • TAKE CARE OF OTHERS AND THE UNIVERSE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU: Alicia Keys is a very successful woman because she stays true to herself and to her fans, she does not follow the typical “sex sells” marketing, which makes her a “true” beauty. Her positive nature and ethics are apparent everywhere and as a result, her success is never short-lived. She has sung for a long list of good causes such as The Haiti Earthquake and Hurricane Katrina along with having her own charity too called Keeping A Child Alive Foundation. Success rewards those who take privilege in improving the quality of life on this planet.
  • ALWAYS BE WILLING TO KEEP ON LEARNING. PERFECT YOUR CRAFT, MASTER YOUR ART: Alicia Keys always made sure she worked and practiced at her talents to enhance her skills. She attended a highly reputable performing arts school and graduated as valedictorian at just 16 years old for her impeccable work ethic. So along with great ethics, she was very results-orientated, which guided her to stardom. Alicia understands the concept that success isn’t built in a day, and constantly learns to better her craft. She once said “I’m a person who’s learning a lot. Always and forever learning.”

Alicia Keys Quotes

Why give up before we try” Alicia Keys


Little Known Success Fact:

In 2010, Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beats adopted an entire village in South Africa. Extremely caring of the world around her, Alicia Keys also co-founded and is the global ambassador for Keep A Child Alive Foundation. She even launched Buy A Life Campaign for World AID’s Day where celebrities stayed off Facebook and twitter until 1 million dollars was raised.





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