The Top 10 MOST Inspiring Scarlett Johansson Quotes

Scarlett Johansson is a bigtime A-lister who as of July 2016, was considered the highest grossing actress of all time. And although she has been on several publications for being the sexiest women alive, she is much more than just a pretty face. Scarlett is intelligent, humble and she cares deeply about the world around. In fact, she skipped out on the Oscars in 2007 to visit India as she was an Oxfam Ambassador for roughly 8 years. “It’s amazing to come home when you see people living in poverty. On one hand you’re thinking, my celebrity life is so surreal, but it’s my work and it helps me bring awareness to Oxfam.”

More than her looks and successful acting career, Scarlett is a role model and she is involved in so many foundations and philanthropic work to bring change to the world around her. She has a much stronger  purpose outside of her talents. Let’s take a closer look at some of the deeper wisdom she has offered over the years. This is the ultimate list of Scarlett Johansson quotes about determination, loving yourself, and making an impact by spreading awareness.



“I’ve always been very determined, ever since I was a little girl, to make my way.” – Scarlett Johansson


“It is important to remind young people that peace is the only victory.” – Scarlett Johansson


“When we live our lives everyday, we’re met by opportunities, and most of us don’t even recognize them.– Scarlett Johansson


“It was important for me to come here and see the issues we’re up against first hand. I came here with an open mind, wanting to listen, understand and learn; I leave with the overwhelming understanding that the small action of making a (RED) choice in your purchases… has an enormous impact on the lives of people in countries like Rwanda.” – Scarlett Johansson


“I’d rather be really good at something or not do it at all.” – Scarlett Johansson


“It’s so difficult to feel comfortable in the body you have. You always want to look a different way, taller or thinner, whatever it may be. I still struggle with it. I think everybody does.” – Scarlett Johansson


“I always feel like I have to prove myself as an actor, otherwise you get lazy if you’re not slightly terrified that you’re going to fail all the time.” – Scarlett Johansson


“I’m happiest when I have something to focus my energy on.” – Scarlett Johansson


“If you feel glamorous, you definitely look glamorous.” – Scarlett Johansson


“I’m just a big believer in ‘you must love yourself before you can love anybody else,’ and I think for me that breeds the most inspired relationships…” – Scarlett Johansson

Bonus Scarlett Johansson Quote:

“It’s a great thing to get older and learn. I don’t feel bound in any way by how many years I’ve lived. I identify just as much with my 86-year-old grandmother as I do with my sister.”Scarlett Johansson

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