Tyler Perry: Give Everything To Your One Idea


Tyler Perry gives his words of wisdom. Did you know it took the billionaire director a whopping 8 years of struggling, trying to make ends meet while trying to make his plays a success before he actually became the star he is today? All the reason to listen to him more. Perry has been there and done it, he understands the grind, he understands the days of self-doubt, the days you wrestle with your conscience and knows what works. From his perspective the best, most healthiest, and most practical thing you can do, is to do as much as you can but then leave the rest to the universe/god/higher-power (basically have faith). The reason is simple, as humans we try to control everything, we get attached to things which then control us. This makes a struggle turn into suffering because there is no way we can control the uncontrollable, we can’t “force” a flower to grow, all we can do is plant it, soil it, and water it, we need to rely on the sun and allow the natural ways of nature take place.

Tyler Perry believes the same mentality needs to occur for any idea to come to fruition and eventually be successful.


Here’s a quote from the video:

“Focus on one thing, make it your priority and stick with it no matter what.” – Tyler perry

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