About Us

Hi and welcome to Feeling Success, where passion meets purpose! Feeling Success is a place where you feel inclusive and a part of the journey. We are all on the road to our own intrinsic feeling of success but with a community of empowering and purposeful people, we can get there together. Imagine how powerful that could be!

Our Mission:

To inspire young people to live empowering and purposeful lives through a user friendly, resourceful website that provides examples of enlightenment, positive self-image, self-awareness and emotional intelligence, gratitude, market awareness and execution strategies.

Our fundamental principles accentuate around seven core themes:

  • Enlightenment (Be enlightened)
  • Positive Self Image (Love Yourself)
  • Self-awareness & Emotional Intelligence (Rewire your mind)
  • Awaken Passion & Purpose (Find Purpose)
  • Executing Your Intuitive Ideas (Execute Your Intuition)
  • Overcoming Hardships (Persevering Obstacles)

Here at Feeling Success, we have a deep-rooted belief that following these six principles will lead to an internal feeling of success that goes far and beyond the parameters of money, wealth, financial power, materialism or ego. Success and happiness are byproducts of self-development. This starts with enlightenment which involves taking a step back from the sheer amount of information that is constantly being bombarded at us in today’s crowd-sourced world.

The online world is very fast paced by nature and can be overwhelming. Taking a break every now and then to provide your mind with clarity is essential to seeing clearly. When you’re able to see clearly, you open yourself up to limitless potential. Understanding your potential leads to a positive self-image which is imperative to belief and self-esteem. Once you’ve gained a positive self-image, the next logical step is putting that self-image to use!That is where self-awareness and emotional intelligence come into play. This involves understanding what your interests are, knowing what you want to happen, accepting your weaknesses, and more importantly, optimizing your strengths. As a byproduct of true self-awareness and emotional intelligence, you will ostensibly have found your passion and purpose!

Now that you have discovered what you want to do, it’s time to execute in today’s market and trust those gut feelings that are telling you to go for it. Along the way, there will be hardships – this is certain. However, overcoming obstacles is unavoidable and with your newfound emotional intelligence, you will not cave. Instead, you will rise in front of any challenge and create a solution, so that nothing stops you from truly making your passion and purpose come to life!



Our journey began four years ago, and today, Feeling Success is at an exponential growth rate currently inspiring over 5,000 visitors per day. We’ve been featured on some very established publications such as Business Insider, Entrepreneur, BuzzFeed, MSN, Fox News, Deepak Chopra and Bleacher Report.

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Who We Are:

We are a team of passionate individuals, who strive and execute everyday to enlighten the world by narrowing in on the positivity and lessons that universally influential people have given us. We are made up of purposeful people – who find power in unity, evolving humanity and ultimately, providing a better world. We take pride in knowing that the greatest minds, who were successful in their respective fields, will help you understand the fundamentals when it comes to achieving your own vision. We also welcome you the exciting opportunity to write with us so that you can contribute to our community.

Our Purpose:

Feeling Success is an established brand designed to empower you with well-sourced inspiration from the most influential minds ever. From historical geniuses to modern day game changers, we have it all; speeches, interviews, movie scenes, quotes, videos, facts, profiles, stories and much more! The interesting part is these figures had humble beginnings, overcame adversities and faced challenges the same way we do. They weren’t some special breed of human, they just tapped into their potential and began to believe in themselves on a deeper level through self-development.

We’re here to convince your mind every day that every single one of us has a unique, limitless magic that has the power to do anything with a little talent and hard work, of course. Human potential has no ceiling and it’s time to set it free.

We are redefining the term success and creating a new culture or tribe of people who believe that success is an inner quality that is learned. It’s an inside job between you and yourself, although we’re here to inspire you with insightful information from others who have found their unique gifts to the world.

The People:

The universally influential minds we study include everyone from actors, actresses, musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, scientists, painters, poets, philosophers, intellectuals, world leaders and philanthropists. To put things into perspective about our diverse platform, we don’t judge, we admire everyone from Mother Teresa and Elon Musk to Kanye West and Vincent Van Gogh.

Our Vision:

It is a great privilege to dissect the inner qualities of universally influential people and take an inside look into the brightest and most creative minds. Why, you ask? Because these minds, from past to present, are highly regarded in our subconscious. Hence, we glorify the aspects that create empowerment and deep-rooted belief that will serve you on your own unique journey. It’s better to admire people for their strengths and what they’ve done right, as opposed to magnifying their weaknesses.

Feeling Success is very clear about not being motivation or advice. It is to show you that through self-development you can find success and happiness in a variety of different situations and circumstances. Simply put, we provide a place that shows that you are limitless, so long as you can go all in and believe it first.

The Truth:

We strive for accuracy and credibility when it comes to where we source our information – whether that be from documentaries, biographies or online content. Please let us know of any insights or corrections. Truth is power. info@feelingsuccess.com

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