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The Top 10 Most Inspiring Jack Ma Quotes

The most inspiring Jack Ma quotes ever about failing forward, taking chances and pursuing the dreams that matter to you and not giving up to make them a reality.

15 Inspirational Videos Young Entrepreneurs Must Watch

Young Entrepreneur often lack motivation, and watching a quick inspirational video is sometimes exactly what is needed to keep you moving towards your dream. Sure,...

Jack Ma’s Original Sales Pitch in 99

A great motivating speech from Jack to his 17 friends in an apartment somewhere in China prior to the huge success of Alibaba.com. Just goes to show, the old adage, Rome wasn't built in a day and every empire can grow with enough passion for it.

Jack Ma

A short Chinese teacher turned into one of the most successful visionaries ever with Alibaba.com. Jack Ma is down to earth, funny, unorthodox and does not know anything about technology. His success story is both inspiring and motivating.