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Justin Bieber – Children (Purpose: The Movement)

Justin Bieber's 'Children' track from the Purpose album has a very powerful message about vision, heart, inspiration and changing the world.

29 ‘Wiser Than You Thought’ Justin Bieber Quotes

From his empowering words to his fans or uplifting lyrics, here are Justin Bieber's 29 quotes that showcase his wiser and more inspiring side.

Why Justin Bieber Redefined His Purpose

In his pre-video message Justin Bieber reveals why and how he lost his purpose in his life.

Justin Bieber’s MVA Speech ‘Focus On Your Journey’

Justin Bieber laid out a genuine and inspiring speech to the young generation at the MTV 2015 VMA awards and discussed enjoying the journey and finding your purpose.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber may be the biggest pop sensation of the 21st century, his impeccable confidence, "never say never" attitude, and ability to express his talents boldly put him on a trek to super-stardom