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One For The Money, Two For The Fraction Of The Show

Lady Gaga made the super bowl SUPER as she jumped and took everyone in awe! Her message of people being united was beautiful - especially at a time like this.

The Top 10 Most Inspring Lady Gaga Quotes

Here are the top 10 most inspirational Lady Gaga quotes ever about making a powerful difference, finding your destiny, and honing your creativity.

Lady Gaga: Forget All Of Your Insecurities

This intense speech features Lady Gaga empowering her audience by telling them to never let anyone talk you out of your dreams.

Lady Gaga’s Fake It To Make It Formula

Lady Gaga breaks down a powerful tool of faking her subconscious mind to believe a lie until it becomes a truth in reality.

Lady Gaga Overcame Bullying

Lady Gaga is much more than just an artist and performer, she's the purest form of an overcomer of adversity and her resilience is inspirational on every level.

Lady Gaga

Gaga is an extremely artistic, self expressive musician who has the great ability to live her image, and be exactly who she envisions. She has impressive song writing skills along with gutsy fashion statements, and being boldly out of the ordinary, Lady Gaga completely trusts her gut instincts.