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Madonna Advice To Ellen: Things Come To You When You Let...

When Ellen first came out, Madonna reached out to her and offered her some inspiring advice about letting go, that Ellen remembers to this day.

The Top 10 Most Inspiring Madonna Quotes

This is the ultimate list of the top 10 most empowering Madonna quotes ever that will uplift your soul and encourage you to express yourself to the world with no fear.

Madonna Advice: Put Your Boxing Gloves On

Madonna discusses on Anderson live about being really passionate, believing in what you do and having to fight for your dreams.

33 Famous People You Didn’t Know Practice Meditation

Meditation has enormous benefits, and is becoming a popular trend among influential people. Here is a list of famous people who meditate.

5 Famous Rejection Letters Proving Failure Is Not Final

Rejection always reminds me of the famous quote by Steve Jobs: "It was awful tasing medicine, but the patient really needed it." Often times rejection...

10 Insanely Famous People Who Practice Feng Shui

Whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, it seems to be fairly popular among some of the most successful people of all time.


Madonna is one of the pioneers of her generation who really shaped the music industry in a bold way. From her lyrics and performances to her interviews, Madonna was never afraid to showcase her opinion and cross the lines of conformity. She really stood for freedom of speech and being your true unique self.