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Can Sports And Politics Work Well Together?

Athletes have very prominent positions in the media and become, to many, models for success and the pursuit of a personal best. Can they change things?

Breaking Down Muhammad Ali’s Quote “Champions Aren’t Made In Gyms”

Champions aren't made in the trenches, at gyms, or in boardrooms, they are made from that thing deep, deep, inside.

Muhammad Ali “Life Is Really Short”

Muhammad Ali breaks down the crucial aspect and limitations of time and how we really don't have much of it at all so we really should put it to absolute good use.

Muhammad Ali – Greatness – Motivation

This video will get every hair on your body to stand up as the narrator reminds us that greatness is not some rare DNA strand and that we are all capable of it.

David Frost Interview with Muhammad Ali – Power Of Certainty

This rare interview before the "Rumble In The Jungle" bout with George Foreman reveals the kind of absolute certainty and power Muhammad Ali had!

Muhammad Ali Motivation – Never Again

A perfect blend of motivating music and clips of Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman. Ali was bold and fearless, from his declarations to how he demanded what he wanted.

Muhammad Ali’s Insane Work Ethic

Muhammad Ali had incredible work ethic and mental preparation. His trainer Angelo Dundee was perfect for nurturing Ali and his charismatic & confident nature.

Adidas Commercial Impossible Is Nothing (Muhammad Ali)

This classic Adidas Impossible Is Nothing ad gets the mind fueled to dream big, to fear nothing and to not pay attention to the critics.