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Serena Williams Reads “Still I Rise” By Maya Angelou

Serena Williams recites the always empowering Still I Rise by Maya Angelou in this clip from a BBC documentary of the tennis phenom.

The Top 10 Most Inspiring Serena Williams Quotes

A list comprised of the most empowering quotes ever said by Serena Williams that will give you the drive to break through any roadblocks to capture your goals.

Serena Williams Sportsperson Of The Year Speech About Self Belief

Serena Williams gives a profound speech about the perseverance and self belief needed to get through so much failure, hatred, and adversity to capture goals.

Serena Williams’ 12 Stimulating Statements

Serena Williams is one of the best female tennis stars of all time and she's an inspiration to women and men alike for her optimistic mentality and her ability to continuously grow. Most people don't know, but she actually grew up in one of the roughest towns in the US... Compton.