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What We Can All Learn from The Story Of Vincent Van...

“Seek only light and freedom and do not immerse yourself too deeply in the worldly mire.” ― Vincent van Gogh Say the name of the...

Understanding This One Van Gogh Quote Will Allow You To Achieve...

We rarely ever do anything truly great without having taken a series of much smaller, perhaps even somewhat insignificant, almost imperceptible steps along the way.

The 10 Most Inspiring Vincent Van Gogh Quotes

These quotes by Vincent Van Gogh will talk directyl to your soul about being courageous, never confining to normal and loving others unconditionally. 

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was a pioneer of art. Although he sold only 1 painting when he was alive, it was his passion and nonconforming ways that paved a new path.

30 Genius Vincent Van Gogh Quotes

Vincent Van Gogh is an iconic figure today, however, he was fairly poor and unknown to the public during his years alive. Here's 30 powerful and wise statements by the painter, that show he was not just clever and creative with his paint brush but also with his soul