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Secrets To Success: 5 Traits Of The Most Influential

This article tempts to breakdown the most the much needed traits for one to master their own destiny using five of the most legendary, iconic figures in the world. These include Muhammad Ali, Oprah Winfrey, Elvis Presley, Lucille Bal, and Walt Disney. Here are 5 must-have traits of the most influential:

25 Disney Character Quotes To Live By

Walt Disney was somewhat of a genius, not in a scientific form, but in an imaginative sense. Here is a list of 25 of the most inspiring (or at least we think so) Disney character quotes:

Walt Disney Was Fired & Rejected 300 Times

Visionary Walt Disney never had it even close to easy, in fact he was shunned over and over again in his life, from being fired to being rejected over 300 times.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney, was the man behind the fantasy world that was often more magical then the real one we live in. Through his many fascinating creations, he composed a feeling inside of every kid and even in many adults that left only peace in their minds and joy in their hearts. This visionary took his ideas and imagination to a whole new level. But things certainly weren’t always easy. Try and explain a cartoon mouse to a group of investors.